Audyssey DSX Power Requirements

When adding "wide" or "height" speakers for DSX, should the speakers be the same size as, and should the extra channels be driven with the same wattage as, the other 7 speakers in the 7.1? I'm currently driving all speakers with a 120W/ch, 7ch amp ---- I will need to add additional amps and speakers --- Do I need to supply 120w/ch to these new speakers, or can I use small satellite speakers driven by, say 50w/ch?

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    Audyssey Labs

    The Audyssey DSX channels are responsible for both direct and ambient content so, for best results, we recommend similar power as the other channels in the system. However, unless you plan to play at full reference levels all the time, 50 w/ch will be more than adequate for typical home listening rooms.

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