Subwoofers built-in with speakers

My speaker system (Cerwin Vega SAT-6) does not have a seperate Subwoofer cable but rather both Right and Left speaker cables go to the subwoofer and from there to the speakers. What do I need to do to have the Audyssey EQ auto setup work properly?

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    Audyssey Labs

    Unfortunately with this setup you can't take advantage of one of the big benefits of MultEQ XT: low frequency correction in the subwoofer channel. In that channel the filter correction is 8x more powerful because of the limited frequency range of the subwoofer channel. But, to have that activated you need to connect to a powered sub from the sub out connector on the AVR.

    But don't worry, you will still get good performance in your current setup. MultEQ will ping your speakers and enclosed subs as "one". When finished the AVR will set them to Large (since you have no separate sub) and the bass from all other speakers (which should be set to Small) will be redirected to those enclosed subs.

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