Audyssey MultEQ, Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ

Please explain the above 3 technologies, i.e. their function
I am thinking about purchasing a Denon AV Receiver with the above 3 technologies.
I live in a Condo and do not want my new home theater system to bother my neighbors.
Especially when commercials are 20 times louder than the TV show or when watching a movie on a Blu-ray disk, some scenes are very loud, others scenes are very low almost a whisper.
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    Audyssey Labs

    All of the Audyssey technologies are designed to solve specific problems.

    MultEQ: solves the problem of room acoustics. Sound from speakers interacts with the room, furniture, etc. and by the time it arrives at your ears it has been distorted by the room. MultEQ measures these interactions and creates a filter that runs in each channel to "undo" them and allow you to listen to the intended sound.

    Dynamic EQ: solves the problem of differences in human hearing at various listening levels. Content is created by mixers who listen at very high levels. They make decisions about the balance of low and high frequencies at that listening level. At home, we listen well below that and so our hearing changes. For example, we are less sensitive to low frequencies as we turn the volume down. Dynamic EQ restores the balance of the mix at lower listening levels. It also restores the surround impression that diminishes at lower volumes.

    Dynamic Volume: solves the problem of constant variations in the volume level of the content. From dialog, to explosions, to dialog, to commercial you have to constantly adjust the remote. Dynamic Volume allows you to set the volume for the dialog level you prefer and then monitors the content and makes automatic adjustments to the volume so you never have things get too loud (or too soft) around the dialog level you have selected.


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