Sub Equalizer and MultEQ

I currently own an Integra DHC-9.9 A/V processor which includes Audyssey MultiEQ. I also own a single Hsu Research ULS-15 subwoofer. I am interested in a sub equalization product and am trying to understand the difference between the Audyssey and SVS products. Your website says that the Audyssey product is "installer ready" and that the SVS product is not. What does "installer ready" mean? Are there any other differences between the two? Will they both work with the Integra? Or is the sub eq product redundant if I already have MultiEQ?

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    Audyssey Labs

    The two products perform identically and they will integrate with any AVR. The Sub Equalizer has one additional feature that allows an installer to calibrate two subwoofers each in a different room. The Sub Equalizer requires the Audyssey Installer Kit while the AS-EQ1 comes with the Audyssey microphone. The two benefits that these products provide over what is possible in AVRs with MultEQ XT are:

    1. Much higher resolution in the subwoofer correction filters because of the dedicated processor 
    2. The ability to properly integrate two subwoofers by first applying level and time alignment and then applying the MultEQ XT filters to the acoustically summed subwoofers.



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