Expanding a 6.1 system to full DSX

Currently I have a basic 6.1 system. I have played with Yamaha's front height set-up and have played with an old NEC processor in which 2 extra front speakers are added to create a "high resolution playback". Well it is time to get up to date. I recall that in Chris Marten's blog the system he visited had a center back. I noticed that your layout calls for 2 back channels. Will I be able to set up a 10.1 system where I can use my present center back speaker? Would I need to bite the bullet and set up a pair of back speakers? Would I "loose' by running 10.1 instead of 11.1. Any comments greatly appreciated.

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    Audyssey Labs

    Audyssey DSX is based on completely different principles from the simple reverb that past methods added to the Height channels. The most important direction to add is the width channels followed by the heights. The least important direction is the back. The recommendation for the two back surrounds is not from Audyssey. That's what today's 7.1 systems recommend even though there is no content that is authored for discrete 7.1. The content for those back channels is derived by some upmixing method such as Dolby PLIIx. There is very little lost in having a single vs two back surrounds except, perhaps for very large rooms where the two speakers would provide a more diffuse sound.

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