Speaker rolloff

I used Audyssey to tune my setup. I feel that it was necessary to change a few settings:
1. The calculated sub distance was off, so I reset it appropriately.
2. The surround and front speakers were set to 40 Hz crossover, but my surrounds only go down to 80 Hz so I reset them to 80 Hz crossover while keeping the fronts at 40 Hz. I really want as much power going to the fronts since the sub is a bit underpowered.

Question: do I have to run Audyssey again or will it properly compensate for these changes?

thanks so much for your time!

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    Audyssey Labs

    The sub distance calculation is more complex than simply looking at the measuring tape. Subs have filters in them that add delay to the signal and so MultEQ compensates for that. Please take a look here for more info: 




    The crossovers are determined by the actual performance in the room. Proximity to walls can enhance the low frequency extension so it's not unusual to find 40 Hz. But, more power to the fronts is not necessarily a good thing if you have a subwoofer. The MultEQ filters in the subwoofer channel are 8x more powerful and so you will get much better low frequency performance if you send more content to the sub. You will also gain amplifier headroom in your AVR if it doesn't have to deal with the lower octaves. I wrote more about this in my blog: 




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