Twin Subwoofers and MultEQ XT

I am currently considering the purchase of a new AV receiver/prepro with MultEQ XT - I have the option of a slightly older unit with a single Sub channel or a newer one with dual sub channels (Onkyo / Integra)

My speakers (Front L & R) are Gallo Nucleus Ref3.1 - which have a second voice coil on the woofer, which can be driven by the Sub output.

I have in the past been running these from the Sub/LFE output of my Lexicon DC1 with a Low Pass filter & power amp.

Would I get better results using:

1)MultEQ XT with a single Sub channel? or
2) should I spend the extra to get MultEQ XT dual sub channels? or
3) Would MultEQ (non XT) with dual sub channels be better than MultEQ XT with single?


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    Audyssey Labs

    Because your subs are in symmetrical locations you don't necessarily need to time align them individually. Dual sub channel control is most beneficial when your subs are at different distances from the listening position. In your case, feeding them with a y-cord from the sub output of the AVR is the way to go. I assume that your subs are powered and so you won't need an external amp.

    MultEQ and MultEQ XT have the exact same performance in the subwoofer channel. The benefit of MultEQ XT comes in the low frequency resolution of the satellite channels where it is much higher.

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    Thanks Chris - appreciate the input!

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