DSX Wide speaker placement in ceiling?

Im building a entertainment cabinet to hold all my home theater setup. All front speakers are going into the cabinet. My wife wants everything hidden. Now, Im thinking about adding DSX to the mix. I can build two spaces above the right and left channel speakers for the height speakers, but Im trying to figure out a option for the wides? Really dont want to put two more speakers on stands on the right and left side of my cabinet. What about mounting two in ceiling speakers and pointing the tweeter down at the listening area? Or possibly installing two bookshelf speakers on ceiling mounted brackets? cheers, Z

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    Audyssey Labs

    The DSX Wide speakers have to be at the same height as the front Left and Right speakers so ceiling mounting is not recommended. Having them higher will have a negative effect on sounds that pan across the front. Also, please keep in mind that the Height speakers should be as high as possible in the room to maximize their vertical distance from the front L and R speakers.

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