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I plan to recalibrate my system today. I plan to use all 8 positions. A chart I found has placement in 3 locations in seated position, 3 in front of couch, and 2 just behind the couch. However, for me to be direct on with my center channel and directly between my L/R mains, I am seated to the far right side of the couch. There is a chair to my immediate right when seated facing the tv, but that chair is just outside the field of sound from the R main speaker. I was wondering, should I do my initial placement in the sweet spot, on to the left of me seated, and then for the right measurement should I put the microphone just between the couch and chair? I plan on using a tripod. OTHERWISE, should I do initial measurement in sweet spot, and then move the microphone down the length of the couch to my left if I'm seated?

Here is a link to my layout that is featured on blu-ray.com Chris has helped me many times on that site. Thanks ahead of time.



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    Audyssey Labs

    You can use the same basic pattern shown in the diagram here: 


    Just make the 1st mic position be in the central seat (right side of couch). The distribution of the other measurements should be the same, just shifted so they are centered around that main seat.

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    Hey Chris, thanks for your reply.  Here are the results after running in a configuration as close to as posible of the attachment you provided.  I must also include that really the only thing I did differently today than ever before was take two measurements just behind the couch, and just slightly above ear level. 

    Audio level:

    FL -4

    FR -3.5

    C -7.5

    SW +12

    SL -7.5

    SR -7

    Distance in feet

    FL 11.5

    FR 11.6

    C 10.5

    SW 7.8

    SL 6.4

    SR 6.9


    front: 90hz

    center: 110

    Rear: 60hz

    Now, the last time I ran Audyssey, it put my mains at 60hz. This seems completely different, obviously. Wonder why it would do that? Only thing I really did different this time was take two measurements from just behind the listening position. Also, seems as if it put my SW a little hot. What I'm used to doing is running Audyssey with the gain knob at halfway on sub, then after calibrating I usually turn it up just a bit.

    Haven't really given it a sound test yet. Curious to see if there is a noticeable different. Again, just simply concerned about the front x-over point it set. I just feel it should be lower, especially considering what it set for the rear surround. It's as if it's saying my rears can go lower than my fronts?  Also, would it be wise to back off on the subwoofer level through the receiver, and give more gain on the subwoofer gain itself?....this putting the subwoofer to work more than the amp?  Maybe I'm not understanding that correctly but the receiver showing +12 for the amp, but I would assume the receiver is now doing more work to make the sub louder.

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    Audyssey Labs

    The fact that the sub came in at +12 dB means that you probably have the volume on the back set too low.  Or maybe there is a filter engaged in it.  Please look here for how to set up the sub prior to running MultEQ:


    It's not surprising that the crossovers are different.  They are calculated from the combination of measurements in the room.  So, now that you are measuring in different locations the results will most likely change.  That's the whole point of measuring in the room!

    Also, try to resist the temptation to "think" that it should be lower.  There is absolutely nothing gained by that.  You will always win by sending more content to the sub for two reasons: (1) improved headroom in your main channel amps because they don't have to worry about the low frequencies and (2) 8x improved resolution in the MultEQ filters applied in the subwoofer channel.  Lot's more to read about that here:


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