Subwoofer phase knob

I ran Audyssey on the Denon AVR-2807. The suggested crossover frequency for the main speakers was 40 Hz, which I manually changed to 60 Hz after runing Audyssey. The subwoofer, Velodyne 800-R, is connected with a single cable, to the receiver subwoofer output, and its phase knob, initially, set to 0°. Then I experimented feeding a 63 Hz frequency from a Rives CD, in stereo, and heard a considerably louder bass with the phase control set to 270°. Should I leave this setting, or move the phase control knob back to 0°?.

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    Audyssey Labs

    Testing subwoofer response with sine waves is not at all reliable because they are subject to variations from standing waves. If your goal is to have louder bass I recommend just turning the level up above the reference setting that MultEQ provides. Phase controls on subs are not useful because they only change the phase at one frequency and thus leave the remaining frequencies unchanged.

    For more subwoofer set up tips please look here.

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    I have Jamo Concert C60 series speakers, a 7.1 setup with S 650 sub.I calibrated with Audyssey with the phase knob at 0degrees as suggested by Chris.But when I experimented by changing the phase setting to above 0 say at 80degrees, the bass as well as the rest of the speakers sound less constricted and somehow the sound is airy and better!?


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