Does Audyssey work on preout channels?

I have an Onkyo NR 807 receiver. I would like to connect an external amplifier (Emotiva XPA 5) for my 5 main channels. I have front height connected directly to the Onkyo. For front, center, and surround, I connected the pre out from the receiver to the XPA amplifier.

Can audyssey see all of the 7 speakers? Or does it recognize only those that are connected directly to the receiver?

If I want to keep using the amplifier (XPA), do I need a different receiver / pre amplifier (with Audyssey), which would recognize all the speakers - even if they are connected to pre outs?


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    Audyssey Labs

    Sure, Audyssey will see all your speakers whether they are connected to the line outs or the pre outs.

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