Floorstanding or bookshelf speaker for DSX wides

Currently using same floorstanding speakers for my mains and surrounds in my 5.1 setup.  I plan to upgrade to 7.1.  And wondering, with the DSX now in play, would these floorstanding speakers be better use as my front wides and replace the surrounds with surrounds/bookshelf from the same line of speakers? OR keep them where they are and add pair of bookshelves for wides?

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    By all means match all your speakers if you can/have room. I have 6 Emotiva ERT-8.3s and ERM-6.3 for the center. 4 8.3s and the 6.3 are in an arc across the front at about 11 feet from the main listening position. The other 2 8.3s are toward the rear as surrounds at about the same distance. I have 2 HSU ULS-15 subs between the mains and wides. I think it is awesome using the Onkyo 5507.

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