Support for 2 set of speakers with MultEQ Pro

I watch movies with the speakers in the ceiling and music with some floorstanding speakers. I use a speaker switcher to change set as my multichannel amplifier only supports one set of binding post. I would like to use Audyssey equalization with both sets of speakers but there is only one measurement possible on my processor (Integra DHC 80.1). Does the pro version of MultiEQXT would allow to do two sets of measurement and switch between them according to which speakers are in use?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Audyssey Labs

    Unfortunately AVR manufacturers do not provide enough memory to store more than one MultEQ calibrations. This is a feature we have been requesting for some time, but it's not here yet... With installer-enabled products you could run two different calibrations and save the measurement files on your computer. But, you would still have to load the one you want to use each time due to the same issue with no memory available on the AVR to store them.

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