Best way to set up Dynamic Volume

I have been reading a lot of information about Dynamic Volume, but I would like some specific directions as to how to set it effectively. Can you recommend any particular scenes from popular movies (or any other source) that I could use to set it properly, and some fairly specific directions on how to do so?

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    Audyssey Labs

    Unlike the other Audyssey technologies that are used to provide you with a reference experience, Dynamic Volume is a purely personal choice. The technology is designed to let you set the dialog level to where you prefer it and then not have to worry about the loud parts getting too loud and the soft parts getting too soft.

    So, that's my recommendation: simply decide what level you want the dialog and then leave it there. I recommend starting with the middle (Evening) setting for Dynamic Volume. For late night watching (with others sleeping) you can switch to Midnight so that the range between softest and loudest is reduced even more and nobody is disturbed.

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