Better to keep or raise Audyssey crossover settings

I have an Onkyo TX-NR5007 with MultEQ XT and would like your opinion on if I should increase the Audyssey calibration crossover values set by my AVR, and if so, what values would you recommend. The calibration values are as follows: (The -3dB spec values are in quotes.)
Fronts: 40 "36"
Center: 50 "55"
Surrounds: 50 "75"
Front Heights: 50 "75"
I was thinking perhaps the Fronts and the Center would sound better with the same crossover of perhaps 50, and I was thinking of setting the Surrounds and Front Height speakers at 80. I'm confused about whether the -3dB spec values of speakers should be completely ignored when setting crossover values.
Thanks, Loren

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    Audyssey Labs

    The –3 dB speaker specifications are made without any consideration for the placement of the speaker in the room. Nearby walls, for example, can help extend the speaker response lower. That's why it is so important to measure the speakers in your room in the positions they are placed.

    I would suggest moving the Front and Center xovers to 60 Hz and the Surrounds and Front Heights to 80 Hz. The reason for this is described here:


    Audyssey is not responsible for the crossovers in the AVR and each manufacturer has a different set of rules they follow. Because the MultEQ filters have 8x more power in the subwoofer channel, it is better to send more content to the subwoofer by slightly increasing the crossover frequencies.

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