Sub EQ on Onkyo 5507 Preamp/Processor?

When I run Audyssey on my Onkyo 5507 it finds and runs the test tone individually on my two subs. Does Audyssey create an EQ curve for each subwoofer or is it somehow a composite of the two? I know I can set levels and distances individually. Obviously the LFE channel is sent to both subs, Is the right and left subwoofer information (from the individual channels) sent to its respective subwoofer or is it still lumped together in the .1 channel?

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    Audyssey Labs

    Yes, MultEQ in the 5507 creates separate room correction filters for each sub.

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    Thanks for answering my question in such a timely manner. Sometimes the manuals just don't tell you everything you want to know.


    I kind of answered the second part of my question this morning. I ran the test tones on the AIX Blu-ray demo. There is a subwoofer/crossover test that runs in just the left front channel. In the test, both subs produce sound. So, what I am assuming is there is no difference in the way subwoofer info is treated, it is all directed to the .1 channel.

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