Audyssey for Unconventional Seating Positions

Hello! I want to purchase a Denon 4310 AVR with Audysset MultiEQ XT. However, I don't know if the Audyssey setup will work in my case. I do not have any "center" listening positions in my TV/Family room. Both of my primary listening positions are off to either side of a so-called center seating position. I have attached three photos of my setup. I can't change the seating positions. This is the only configuration that will work for this room which is 20' x 18' with a 13' vaulted ceiling. I am usualy sitting in the Recliner on the left and my wife is usually on the couch on the right, or vice versa. These positions are about 8'-10' from the TV console. Can you tell me if Audyssey will work very well in this case? Where should I place the mics with this seating setup since there is no center seating position? I know one of the mics is supposed to be in one listening sweet spot, but I have two sweet spots. If I place the mic for the recliner as the first listening position, will the couch position suffer? I really need some advice here because I don't want to spend a lot of money for this receiver if I won't be able to take much advantage of Audyssey, which I hear many wonderful things about. Thanks for any help!

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    Audyssey Labs

    I would recommend taking the first measurement in front of the fireplace along the center axis of the room. Then following the pattern shown in the diagram. Try to avoid placing the mic too close to the back wall/fireplace and don't go too far off axis from the center. The first mic position determines the delays and level calibration so if you start in the recliner it will skew the soundstage in that direction for every other listener. Keeping the first measurement in the center maintains symmetry.

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