5.0 Setup posible

Hello, after moving to a new apartment i could not place my sub anymore. Therefore i have to use a 5.0 setup. My question is now if i can using the audyssey MultEQ system (in the Denon AVR 1910) without a connected subwoofer. My front floorspeakers can handle frequencys from 35 Hz with enough acoustic pressure. Is it possible to bypass the deep subwoofer frequency to the frontspeakers and help eleminate the acoustic room distortion i definitely will have in the new apartment?

thx in advance


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    Audyssey Labs

    Yes, MultEQ will work just fine without a sub.  However, the super high resolution low frequency correction that is available in the subwoofer channel will not be in effect.  The bass management functions in the AVR are not handled by Audyssey.  Denon is in charge of that.  Without a subwoofer, however, it is not possible to bypass the lowest frequencies.  They will be sent to the front L and R speakers.  If you set your other speakers to Small then their bass will be redirected to the front L and R speakers and that is probably the best choice given how low your L and R speakers extend.

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