Why the difference in microphones? puck vs tower

I have two AVRs. One is an Onkyo 805 with a 'hockey puck' shaped mic and the other is a more recent Onkyo 706 with a tall slender tapering square shaped mic... Apart from the shape, what are the differences between these two style mics? Is one an improvement over the other? I understand that each AVR will only calibrate properly when used with the style mic that came with it but is there going to be an audible difference in the final calibration results between the two AVRs due to the microphones used? The 706 has MultEQ while the older 805 used MultEQ XT, so I am trying to decide which would be best suited for use in our home theater.

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    Audyssey Labs

    There are very large differences in the response of these two mics. The calibration curve that makes the mics flat is stored in the AVR so it is imperative that you only use the mic type that came with your AVR. Changing mics will actually give you worse results because the internal calibration curve will not be right.

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