Subwoofer Filters on MultEQ and XT

Is there a difference in the filters applied to the subwoofer with MultEQ and the XT version.

On the site it says mid level resolution filters for the MultEQ version, high resolution equalization filters for XT.

But in the chart it says 128x filter resolution for both.

Is there a difference between the two? Could you clarify this.

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    Audyssey Labs

    The subwoofer filter resolution is the same for MultEQ and MultEQ XT. The difference only comes in the satellite speakers where MultEQ XT has much higher resolution and can therefore correct down to lower frequencies in those speakers.

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    Andreas Fuchs


    hopefully this thread automatically get pushed by my comment.
    I really want to know, down to which low frequency the main speakers will be corrected by MultEQ XT.
    My problem is, that one of the mains causes a peek at about 40 Hz. And thats not corrected by Audyssey. So actually i just can fix this by redirecting all frequencies under 60 Hz to the Sub.
    By doing so, i get an dip about 100 Hz.

    Any solution on that?

    Thanks. Sorry for my english.

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Andreas,

    MultEQ XT will correct down to the lowest frequency it finds the speaker to be rolling off.  It will look all the way down to 10 Hz if necessary.  However, the resolution of the satellite speaker filters starts to decrease at the very low frequencies because of processing limitations in the DSP chip found in the AVR.  Setting the crossover higher, as you mentioned. will send the very low content to the sub where the MultEQ XT filters have 8x higher resolution.

    I am not sure why there would be a dip at 100 Hz when you do so.  Perhaps a small adjustment of the distance (delay) setting of the subwoofer can solve this.  Please keep in mind, however, that a single position measurement of the response will not be a good indication of what is really happening in the bass region.

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