SubEQ/AS-EQ1 or new receiver with MultiEq XT ALFC for a single sub configuration ?


Hi there ,

I'm thinkin of adding the standalone sub eq into my current 7.1 system consisting of a single sub. I do have the plan of adding another sub when we mve to bigger place in a few years time.

I've noticed some receivers such as the new Denon AVR-3311 comes with the MultiEq XT with ALFC on board.

In this single sub scenario, is there any real benefits in going for the standalone device if the new receivers could perform similar low-freq calibration ?

Also, I've noticed the processing capabilities of the sub Eq have been increased with firmware upgrades.

Do the receivers still perfrom on par with the standalone devices and would it be possible to upgrades the Audyssey processor within an AVR with similar firmware updates?



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    Audyssey Labs

    The benefit of using the stand-alone device for subwoofer correction is the resolution of the MultEQ XT filters.  It is twice as high in the stand-alone device and this will produce a flatter bass response because it will catch narrower peaks and dips in the response.

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