Subwoofer distance

In my Audyssey setup, Audyssey measured my fronts (including built in subwoofer) at 6.5 feet, and the subwoofer through the LFE at 14.3 feet. So the delay in the built-in subwoofer has a delay distance of 6.5 feet when its signal comes through the front channel, and the built-in subwoofer has a delay distance of 14.3 feet through the subwoofer channel. Signals below 80 hz in the main channels get to the subwoofer through an internal electronic crossover, whereas signals below 80 hz in the subwoofer channel get to the subwoofer with no internal crossover or low-pass filter in its path. Part of the reason for the difference in delay distance is that the subwoofer is side firing whereas the midrange and tweeters are front firing.
As a result the subwoofer is receiving two signals near the 80 hz crossover that have different delays. I would think these two out of phase signals could cause some cancellations.
As a result, do you recommend I leave the subwoofer distance at 14.3 feet, or should I change it to be the same as the fronts since the "two subwoofers" are the same driver.

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    Audyssey Labs

    The display of information in AVRs can be a little confusing... Yes, the measured distances are showing differently because of the electrical and acoustical delays. But, MultEQ is applying time delay correction to make the distances identical. That's not showing in the display. So, if you change them you will be working against that time delay correction.

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