Dynamic eq makes surround speakers far too loud

After running a MultEQ calibration, I found the surround speakers to be much louder than the fronts and centre.This is really obvious for games in multi channel mode but was also noticable in films.  Why does dynamic eq increase volume of surrounds in all channel stereo mode? Surely all speakers should be the same volume after calibration??

People have told me to turn dynamic eq off and then compensate for its loss by boosting surround and subwoofer volume.

I use 3pairs of wharfedale 10.1 speakers with a matched centre and sub.

Can you please could you explain why your technology isn't working with these speakers when it did a much better job with my old cheap ones.

How do i get a consistant listerning experience with speaker levels correct??

Thank you,


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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Richy,

    In our research on loudness we found that human perception of loudness falls off faster behind us than it does in front. So, Dynamic EQ compensates for that using a human loudness spatial model that looks at the master volume setting and makes the appropriate adjustment to the level of the surrounds. This is designed for content where the overall surround impression should remain the same at all volume levels: i.e. surround movies and music.

    Games, are a different story... The notion of "front" and "rear" changes constantly, particularly in POV games. Unfortunately, there is no way that Dynamic EQ can deal with that without a direct connection to the game engine that allows us to predict the current perspective.

    The technology is working just fine and doesn't depend on the speaker type you are using. However, if your current surrounds are not pointing to the listening area it could be that MultEQ applied too much trim correction.

    You can't really simulate Dynamic EQ manually. The amount of bass boost and surround compensation depends not only on the playback volume, but also changes dynamically with the content.

    Best regards,

    Chris Kyriakakis

    CTO, Audyssey

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