Noise during calibration process

Hi Chris, how are you? Finally I ran audyssey auto setup in my system. The results I think were good. But even so I'd like your opinion and if it's possible your help again. How sensitive is the microphone for others sounds around and how bad are these sounds for the calibration process??? I'm asking because I live in an apartment with neighbors above and next me and they make some noise. Not too loud, but audible. Besides my apartment is very close of the elevator's (lift) machines. So it's possible from my living room to hear the noise of it coming and going. And this happened sometimes exactly at the moment that the loudspeakers were emitting the sound to the microphone. And that worry me. I tried to keep the room as silent as possible but it was impossible not having some audible noise during the process. Is there something in the results after calibration that it allows us to know if the process was not affected? I mean is there some kind of data in the results that can point possible problems or “errors” in the measurements in this particular case? Should I try to re-make the calibration process in a more silent moment of the day??? Although the sound quality it seems to be better (brighter and bass improve) I'm wondering if the calibration process could have produced an eq curve affected/distorted by extraneous variables. In other words I’m wondering if the sound quality could be even better.

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    Audyssey Labs

     MultEQ is designed to listen to the room noise and it will raise the level of the test signal automatically if the noise is higher than it should be. So, if you didn't get an "ambient noise too high" error then everything is fine and you don't have to worry about it.

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