Audyssey likes to set sub crossover to 40 hz

I have an Onkyo NR1007 and a PSB in cabinet setup with matching CHS80 fronts and CHS212 subwoofer. When I run Audyssey I end up with the crossover to the sub at 40 HZ, which really seems to limit the bass for example in rock music or a movie. If I manually turn it up to say 80 HZ the CHS212 is a powerhouse... am I doing something wrong?

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    Audyssey Labs

    Audyssey doesn't set crossovers. It simply measures the roll off of each speaker and reports it to the AVR. Each AVR maker uses different rules to set the xovers. We recommend manually changing the xover to something higher than 40 Hz (e.g., 80 Hz). Sending more content to the sub is a good thing because the MultEQ filters have 8x higher resolution in the sub channel and will produce a better bass response in your room.

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