Audyssey settings and switching configurations

I have an Onkyo receiver with XT32.

I would like to experiment with different 9.x speaker configurations just for fun.  

If I run Audyssey setup with one speaker configuration (for example one that contains front height and front width but no rear surrounds) then run it again with another configuration (for example on that contains front height and rear surrounds but no front width) will both the front width and the rear surround settings be retained?

When listening and switching between speaker configurations, will the Audyssey setting be retained.

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    Since I see no response I suspect I may have posed the question to the incorrect place out of my own ignorance.

    Is this one of those items under control of the receiver mfg?

    It's difficult for a consumer to tell who in in control of what implementation these days.



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    David Ferebee

    No, each time you run the setup any previous settings are lost:(

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