Audyssey trim at maximum minus when using subwoofer LFE direct input

I just purchased a new Denon 1611. During install with Energy Take 5, and Energy 10" Subwoofer the Audyssey trim is at maximum minus using sub LFE input. If I use the crossover and volume control I can adjust to approximately 50% volume to achieve near zero Audyssey trim. I thought it was best to bypass the sub crossover and volume control during setup. If so, how can I prevent the maximum minus trim issue?

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    Audyssey Labs

    It is normally best to use the LFE input. But, if the sub is very close to the listening area or is much more efficient than the other speakers then it is just too loud. It's OK to use the normal input and turn the volume down to avoid the max neg trim on the AVR. It's not important to have near 0 trim. Just not the max neg because the AVR may be out of range. Also make sure you set the crossover knob all the way up to the highest frequency and leave it there permanently.

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