2 front speakers + 1 central speak set up with no SUB

Set up: Denon avr 591, 2 Monitor 50 fronts and CS 1 central speaker (all small, all Polk Audio), room size is 14X13; not accoustialy treated


with Aydyssey enganged there is just too much hissing sound. Also, changing front speakers to "small" turns off Aydyssey calibration (the light on the receiver indicating Aydyssey is negaged goes off).

Nothing I change in the avaliable setting seems to mitigate the hissing. It is still there even wtih treble set to maximum negative value. The problem disappers if Audyssey is turned off with front speakers set to small. It also sounds much better overall.

Now, I am not sure if it is the speaker size (the a/v sets fronts to "large"), the Audyssey, or combination of both, as I dont know how they would sound with Audyseey on, and front speakers set to "small". Perhaps Audyssey should not be run when one has no subwoofer..?

Please, any advice or links..

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Alexander, 

    The hissing is not from Audyssey.  Something is adding noise in your system.  If it happens at frequencies that the Audyssey filters are boosting then it will be more audible.  But, if you turn Audyssey off and turn the volume up you will still hear it.  Try to disconnect all other sources until you find the cause.  It can be from computer power supplies, light dimmers, etc.

    If that does not find it, then you will have to contact Denon because it could be an electronics problem in the AVR.

    Audyssey will calibrate any speakers that it finds in the system. If you don't have a subwoofer then the front speakers are automatically set to Large by Denon (not Audyssey).

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