“ambient noise is too high”


We own the Onkyo Home Receiver model no. TX-SR604. We have no complaints with the receiver except for the fact that we get an error message when we try to run the Audyssey: “ambient noise is too high”. We turned off every thing in the house including the fish tank pump, ref. A/C.....etc., in order to stop any noise. But we keep getting the same error message. We exchanged the receiver for another TX-SR604 but we get the same error message. All of the electrical breakers were turned off in the house except for the extension cord that we ran for the new Receiver. But we get the same error message.

After doing a lot of research on the internet, forums etc. we noticed that others are having the same issues. Please let us know how we can resolve this problem.

 Thank you,

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Walter, the two most common causes for this are: (1) buzz from the cable/sat box and (2) buzz from light dimmers.  Please try disconnecting all sources from the Onkyo and turning off light dimmers.  I believe that you have some sort of electrical noise that is causing this.

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    Walter Hitzegrad


    We do own a few dimmers. When I get home I will disconnect all sources from our Onkyo, Unplug all of my electrical equipment (including my cable box) and will also disconnect the light dimmers from the electrical circuit. I will let you know how I made out for future reference. I'm really looking forward to setting up my system with Audyssey.

    Thanks Chris

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