Audyssey causes EXCESSIVE HISSING from speakers

Unable to enjoy Audyssey. Causes strong hissing at half volume. Because of that, not able to enjoy ALC function (Dynamic Volume) when watching movies. I have performed set up 3 times with same, negative results. With Audyssey completely off the quality of playback of my CDs is substantialy better.

What GIVES, moderator??? Isn't this rubric is called.... "ASK AUDYSSEY"??? Can I get any adivce?

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    Audyssey Labs

    Alexander, hissing indicates a problem with the electronics and is not caused by the Audyssey software.  Most likely it is at frequencies that the Audyssey filters are boosting to correct room acoustics and so it sounds louder with Audyssey on.  You will have to contact your manufacturer's service department to have them look at your board and find the cause.  

    Before doing that, please look in your manual on how to perform a "microprocessor reset".  It may reset the board and fix the problem, although it sounds like an electronic component problem. 

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