Audyssey/Dynamic EQ and Games (with/without change of POV)


I hooked up an Xbox360 and PS3 onto my Denon AVR2311 and get mixed results about Audyssey/DynamicEQ. Fifa 11 (PCM stream) for instance sounds absolutely amazing with Audyssey on as it fills my living room with stadium atmosphere drawing a large scenery/space. With games that change the "point of view" regularly like 3rd person action or shooters everything goes unhappily downwards. One thing I notice most of the time is loud rearspeakers and low center volume. So while everything is snowy and windy (Killzone 3 Demo) and you think you just entered your first "real" virtual snowstorm, voices not entering the rear speakers sound quiet or drown. While the POV changes voices go from lound to quiet depending on the source of the voice.

So my question is: Do I need some kind of "offset value" when using DynamicEQ and games? Do you recommend turning it off?

Should I turn off Audyssey as well or is this just a matter of DynamicEQ?

regards from Munich


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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Alfi, Dynamic EQ is really designed for movies and/or content that is front-centered and tied to the picture.  The notion of surround sound ambience is very difference when you have a POV game where "front" can be in the surround speakers if you happen to point that way.  So, we would recommend turning off Dynamic EQ for POV games for that reason.  MultEQ should always be on because it is acoustically correcting the speaker response regardless of POV.

    PS. I am also a big Fifa 11 fan.  Barca is my team.

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