Target Curve for sub (only) w/roll-off below 16Hz?

Hi Chris,

It has come up "elsewhere" that separate, per channel, target curves are possible with Pro. I have presently excluded my sub channel from my target curve, and Tron's 10Hz content has me wondering if I can create a target curve for the sub with a roll-off under 16Hz?  I think an unedited target curve contains two lines -

20, 0

24000, 0

Does that mean that no handles under 20Hz would be accepted?

Thanks, Jeff

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Jeff,

    That's correct.  No handles below 20 Hz are possible.  That would put it in the "too dangerous" category...By "target curve" I am assuming you mean boost and that's the reason we don't want people messing down there below the limits of most subs.

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    Thanks, Chris, that's what I surmised.  I would actually have introduced a cut at about 15Hz to serve as a modest HPF. 


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    Hi Chris

    thank you for your precious  help, Hi Jeff (argi from greece , if you remember me )

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