Distance between measure points

Hey Chris,

Is it really neccesary that the distance between the measurepoints  is  2 feet? I place the mic not in the middel of the seats but were the heads should be ( have a 3 sitter couch ). My couch is not that big so when i use 2 feet between the measurepoints, point 2 and 3 are not where the head is but more at the side.


Thanks for reading my question



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    I forgot one more question Chris regarding measureing. When the chirping sounds stops for a second and at the same time a airplane flyes over my house will this interfere with the measurements?

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Martino,

    2 feet is an approximation.  The distance can vary a little depending on your setup.  Audyssey listens for background noise and adjusts the level of the chirps.  If there is a noise problem you will get an error.  So, if you are not seeing an error all is fine.

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