Audyssey MultEQ XT 32 target curves

I just purchased an Integra DTR-70.3 and got done running Audyssey MultEQ XT 32 but I have a question regarding the Audyssey Target Curve options. On my old receiver (DTR-40.2), I never had the option to select a target curve. With this new receiver, once I run XT 32 it has me set a target curve for each input. The choices are either Movie, Music, or Off. I have tried searching but I have not found a description of the differences between using Movie, Music or neither.


1.) If I set the curve to "Off", is Audyssey still active or does the "Off" selection disable Audyssey for the given input? I have experimented and when I set the curve to "Off" for a given input the Audyssey light on the display panel still stays lit (along with Dynamic EQ) for said input.

2.) What is the difference between Movie and Music? Are they similar to the Reference and Flat curves of Audyssey Pro?


Loving XT 32 right now. Just want to make sure I hammer out the questions/kinks.  The Integra manual says that if I select "Off" as the curve than the receiver will default to either Manual EQ or no EQ at all, which seems to be saying that Audyssey is disabled when no curve is selected...yet the Audyssey and Dynamic EQ lights still stay on indicting otherwise. A little confusing to me.


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    Audyssey Labs


    Onkyo has started allowing users to select a target curve, but they are using a different naming convention.  Please take a look here for a description:

    Movie = Audyssey Reference

    Music = Audyssey Flat

    Off = Turns Audyssey MultEQ (room correction) off--not recommended

    Onkyo now allows you to use Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume without having first run the room correction and calibration (MultEQ).  Again, not recommended. 

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    Wow, thanks for the quick response Chris.

    I assumed the target curves on my receiver correlated to the Audyssey Reference/Flat curves but with different names. Thanks for clarifying.

    Also, I see what you are saying with being able to use Dynamic EQ without using Audyssey. Definitely going to set my target curves to Movie now.

    Thanks again for the quick and clear response.

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