Audyssey calibrating to reference level

Hi Chris, in the good-old days when Fletcher-Munson in the 1930 worked out the Equal Loudness Contours the result was that the percived loudness below 1kHz at around 100 dB SLP was nearly flat. Today the ISO226 revised in 2003 shows that the low frequency perception of the human ears can differ even up to +30 dBs at 20 Hz.

Does Audyssey take the ISO226:2003 curve into account when a) calibrating to reference level, and b) turning off DynEQ at 0 dB Master Volume setting?


Thanks for your guidance in advance.


Cheers, Feri


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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Feri,

    We are aware of the ISO work, but have also done our own experiments to develop Dynamic EQ.  There are some additional considerations in loudness estimation that account for the acoustics of small rooms.  Furthermore, Dynamic EQ also monitors the content variations and not just the setting of the volume control.  Proper loudness compensation is not a simple implementation of the ISO curves.

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