2ch source with low voices.

Hi, Can so sone confirm that if I watch a 2ch source, that has very very low voices (but massive explosions) and is badly encoded. Will Dynamic Volume correct these type of sources too? I have had a real hassle buying a new AVR and have had to retun 2 already due to features not working as expected. So I just want to make sure before I buy if this technology will do exactly what I want before I spend £1000 on the AVR (3312). So if I play a stereo encoded movie, with very very quiet voices (that require almost full volume to hear them) and loud explosions (that require the amp to be turned down to min -50 to keep them quiet) will dynamic volume definelty help with bad encodings like this? Thanks in advance.
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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Paddy,

    I can't predict the exact amount of compensation without testing the content.  But, in general, this is what Dynamic Volume was designed to do.  You can turn the volume up to the dialog level you like and it will make sure nothing gets too loud.  In this case you would most likely have to use the Midnight (Heavy) setting.

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    Thanks for the reply. I am now ready to go ahead knowing that your software does wat i need an AVR to do. Fix dynamic range between all my sources (including 2 ch movies) and the abiity to disable it for when i want to demonstrait  to friends with cinema like dynamic range.


    Consider yourself 1 customer richer!

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