Does XT32 help with dual subs that have different power ratings


I just purchased a new Outlaw LFM-1 EX - rated 350W RMS subwoofer, with frequency extension as low as 16HZ. My older Oynx-x sub is powered less, about 150W with a low extension of only up to 30ish Hz or so. The older sub does sound great with music. 

I am wondering if XT32 can help blend these two subs - my concern is that regardless of the eventual equalization that XT32 performs, the bigger sub will practically overpower the smaller one.

Does Audyssey XT32 have any algorithms to accommodate subs that not only have different characteristics but also different power rating. In general, do you recommend mixing subs this way and expect XT32 to help?

Many thanks!

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi, I doubt that there is any benefit in having both subs in the system given how much lower the Outlaw sub extends.  The sub blending in XT32 (we call it Sub EQ HT) is really intended for subs that are much more similar in performance.

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