Biamping the front speakers

Hello Chris,

I'm about to purchase the DENON AVR-4311CI.

I'm thinking about using it to biamp my front speakers. I don't have a subwoofer, but my front speakers are VMPS Super a/R's. They have a 15" PR and a 15" and 12" woofer each. The woofers can accept a seperate input for biamping. I then have a center speaker and two rear speakers (normal directional).

1. Will biamping in this way be compatable with the varioius Audyssey technologies? In other words will using the extra amps normally meant for height or width channels fool any of the Audyssey technologies incorrectly?

2. What is the proper direction to mount the rear speakers. They are conventional small bookshelf speakers. We sit on a couch against the back wall of the room. The speakers will be mounted directly laterally and about 3-4 feet higher to our ears. Should they face forward, towards our ears, or upwards, or...? What do you suggest?

3. The center and rear speakers are high quality small bookshelf one's with an 8" woofer and 1" dome tweeter. Are these small speakers enough to handle movie soundtracks at a moderately loud level such as 90dB? I originally purchased them when Dolby ProLogic was the rage, believe it or not. I don't intend to play any music through the surrounds.

Thank you,


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    I've bi-amp'd my front L/R with the 4311 with nice results.  The Audyssey results were superb.

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    David Crandon

    HI Chris, the OP here...

    I've been on the AVS forum, and I've been led to believe, but not sure, that because I have large front speakers with more  bass reproduction capability than most subwoofers, that if I buy the Denon 4311, I will not get as good a benefit from XT32 as I would if I had a separate subwoofer. I have been told that XT32 will apply a greater resolution of correction to a powered subwoofer, than to my full range front speakers. Is this correct?

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi David,

    No, that's not correct.  XT32 applies the same very high resolution filters to the sub as it does to the speakers.  It is true for MultEQ XT and MultEQ where the sub filters are 8x higher resolution than the satellites.

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