Human body effects on sound

Sol..I'm real excited that soon I'll be purchasing either a Denon or Onkyo receiver with XT32. For certain reasons I haven't had much of a stereo system for 10 yrs, but years ago I used to drive myself crazy with sound level meters and EQ's trying to make my system sound good. I was a big advocate of room correction even when all the golden ears used to tell me it was wrong.  It'll be interesting to see how Audyssey tames  the behemoth speakers I have. VMPS Super Tower II a/R.  A 15" passive radiator, 15" woofer and 12" woofer in each one.

Two questions..

Given that it's almost the beginning of the year, do you know if MultEQ XT32 will be trickling down into less expensive receivers? The current one's are still quite expensive, I'm ready to buy  now, but I can wait a couple months if needed.


Secondly, why is it not recommended to be sitting in your listening position while measurements are being taken. Since the human body can affect the sound as well, and since you'll be sitting there when listening, why wouldn't we want to take this into account?

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi David,

    Most AVR companies announce their new line around CES and CEDIA so we expect announcements in January.

    Reflections from the body will affect the microphone measurements in ways that don't correspond the effects they have on our hearing and this is why it's a bad idea to be near the mic.

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