XT32 with full range speakers and possible biamping

Hi Chris,

I asked a similar question earlier...

I'm about to purchase a Denon 4311ci.

My front speakers are VMPS Super Towers which each contain a 12" and 15" woofer. They are extremely efficient speakers as well. These speakers are biamplifiable using the speakers internal passive crossovers. Crossover is at 80Hz.  I do not plan on getting a subwoofer.

I've posed these questions on the AVS forums, but still a little confused.

1. If I understand correctly, given that XT32 has 512x filter bands for each channel usable across the whole frequency spectrum, is it a theoretical disadvantage to have these bands distributed across the whole full range of my front speakers vs. getting a separate amp and running it from the sub pre outs of the receiver to the woofer section of the VMPS speakers? Would I then have 512x points available for correction to the woofers, and another 512x points available to the mid and high freq section of the speakers?

2. If so, can I accomplish this same thing by using the rear surround channels to power the woofer section instead (biamping, but using the extra Denon channels that I wouldn't be using anyway).

Thanks for your help.



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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi David,

    XT32 has 512 times more resolution than XT.  Audyssey doesn't use bands.  The number of filter points is proprietary, but you can see the huge increase in resolution that XT32 provides.  The resolution of the subwoofer filters is the same as the speaker filters with XT32.  So, there is no added benefit in having separate subwoofer filters--since we don't use bands you are not adding bands when you have a sub.  The benefit of sub filters comes in MultEQ XT and MultEQ.  There, the subwoofer filters are 8x higher resolution than the speakers.  So, it's better to send the bass content to the sub where the bass response will be smoother.  Not an issue in XT32.

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    Jens Meinke

    Hi Chris,


    sorry for bouncing this thread up again, but it seems to be the closest fit to my needs.


    I'm NOT using sub(s) since my speakers are very bass capable. In fact i'm only using floor standers and a center.

    But I do suffer from heavy room problems, i. e. modes at ~35 Hz and their octaves. I cannot solve the problem by room tuning.

    Now I'm thinking about an AVR wit XT or XT32 (a Denon 3313 or an Onkyo 818). My questions:


    1.) How does XT behave withOUT a sub? Will the sub filter resolution be "transferred" to the fronts (i. e. be utilized for them) instead, or will the front speakers remain at a 16 filter resolution without a sub?

    2.) Is a higher bass or speaker resolution necessary  at all? Will XT's lower speaker resolution very likely be capable of killing my strong low frequency modes? Or is XT32 recommended for usage without a sub in such a case?


    Thanks in advance,


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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Jens,

    In a system without a sub you will definitely need XT32 to get good resolution in the bass region.

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