Should Wide / Height speakers be timbre matched with front/center?

I understand that it is paramount to have the fronts and center timbre matched but how important is it, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the least important), to have the front height and wide timbre matched with the F/L/C ?


On a second note, I am interested in using the Polk OMW5 as my front height and/or wide speaker. I'm more inclined though to get the SVS FLC or the Monitor Audio as my FLC. Howeverv, my friends say that it would be better to just get the polk RTi A3 + Csi A6 as my FLC as it would match the timbre of the OMW5.


Should I go polk all the way or can i go SVS or MA with my FLC and use the Polk OMW5 as my height speaker?

As this will be placed in a bedroom, the system will be used 40%-Movie 50%-CableTV 10%-Music




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    Audyssey Labs

    There is no way we can assign such a scale.  It's just a recommendation.  If the speakers are different then MultEQ will try its best to match them after calibration.

    I can't really get into specific model recommendations.  You should go with whatever fits your budget and listening needs.

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