Bass XT and XT32

Question from Facebook:

"If you could put a % on improvement what would be the % going from no room correction to XT then from XT to XT32?"

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    Audyssey Labs

    That's really hard to predict.  It depends on the problems in your room.  In general we can say that XT32 will give much higher resolution in the low frequency room correction (where most problems happen at home).

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    Keith Barnes

    I have used both XT and XT32 and also XT+SVS AS-EQ1 and I can say without doubt that XT32 is a very significant upgrade, especially, as Chris says, with regard to the bass. Adding the EQ1 into my XT system was probably the most significant single upgrade I have ever made. Now I have XT32 so no longer use the EQ1 and that (XT32) adds another level of refinement to the sound. 

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