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Have recently got Monitor Audio Rx6, Marantz SR6005 (Multi Eq) and Velodyne Impact 10 sub.  Room is an large L shaped room but listening area is (shorter part of L) is  12feetx 10.5feet ( distance from listener to Centre speaker). 

Had a few Questions on Audyssey set up

1) On running Audyssey it is a) selecting speakers (Floor standers) as small instead of Large; b) setting cross over at 40Hz instead of 80Hz recommended by you. Also volume levels are low. What should I do?

2) Also should I set the subwoofer settings to LFE or LFE+ main.

3) Does Audyssey also calibrate for two channel music ie.  will the same  callibration ( for 5.1 set up) work when I listen to stereo music as a) I dont use subwoofer & hence would like the entire frequency range to come thru the front speakers; b) will the AVR treat the floor standers as "small"

4) Does Multi Eq improve stereo performance or should I use Direct mode for Stereo music.

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    I mean I dont use subwoofer while hearing two channel music

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    Audyssey Labs
    1. Speakers should always be set to Small if you have a subwoofer.  It doesn't matter if you are listening to music or movies.  But Audyssey is not responsible for making this choice.  The AVR is doing it based on the roll off found.  It looks like in your case the roll off is near 40 Hz so that's what Marantz uses as the decision point to set speakers to Large.  I highly recommend setting them to Small.  You can leave the crossover at 40 Hz as found or move it up slightly.  The speaker levels are not low.  They are set so that all speakers in the system play at the same level.  Because each speaker has different sensitivity and is at different listening distance, these numbers can vary.  If you want to listen louder, just turn up the master volume.  That way everything moves up and down in level together.

    2. LFE only.  LFE+Main is a bad setting because it overlaps the bass in the sub and speakers resulting in boomy bass.

    3. Audyssey calibrates each speaker individually by looking at the acoustical problems it has in the room.  These problems have nothing to do with content.  However, by setting speakers to Large you are missing out on the much higher filter resolution that MultEQ has in the subwoofer channel.

    4. MultEQ improves the performance of each speaker whether you are using 1 or 11. 

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    Many Thanks. Just a few queries - So cross over of 40Hz should be fine instead of 80Hz? Also I understand (I  may be wrong) in Marantz LFE + main directs frequency below the cross over to the subwoofer.

    I read in  your other posts you have mentioned this is preferable to LFE only

    I have been facing boominess in my HT performance.


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    I have a Triad Platinum (18" Enclosed) Sub with 4 dials on the back to include:

    Bass Extentsion (35Hz - 18Hz)

    Input Level (Min - Max)

    LowPass Filter (50Hz - 180Hz)

    Phase Control (0Hz - 180Hz)

    Now info. gleaned from Triad and the Internet to include this forum suggests the following settings:

    Bass Extension:  35Hz for Audyssey MultiEQ calibration; 18Hz after.

    Input Level:  midpoint for calibration; adjust to taste and content after.

    LowPass Filter:  180Hz permanently

    Phase Control:  0 Hz permanently.

    Would you concur?


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    Audyssey Labs

    Nope.  Changing the bass extension and level after calibration is not advised.  You should measure with the extension as you plan to use it.  If you want to adjust the bass level, this should be done in the AVR level setting for the sub so you can always go back to the original.

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