Audyssey Crossover Frequency

Hi Chris,
I have a question for calibration.
Do I have the Onkyo 709 and the 151st Canton CD box system
These are small speakers are to be operated according to the manufacturer with 120 Hz.
Calibrate if I let Audyssey, then my receiver separates the speaker as follows:

Center: 70Hz
Front Speakers: 80 Hz
Rear Speakers: 150Hz
LFE: 120Hz

As these results come about?

Should I not rather put all the boxes to 120Hz, as it says the manufacturer?

 Sorry for my english, I'm from Germany :-)


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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Tino,

    These results are perfectly normal. The low frequency extension of the speakers depends on how far they are from the wall or the corner.  That's why it is so important to measure: to see what is happening in your room!

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    Rob Brooks

    Chris, just to add to this.

    Since re-directing my surrounds (direct radiators) from firing at the listening position  to firing towards each other and re-running audyssey, the crossover frequency has changed. originally it was 120Hz and now up to 150Hz

    All I did was swivel them on their existing brackets.

    Any clues as to why their apparent roll-off frequency has changed?

    The surround envelopment is now much better and less directional.

    I'd assume that passing frequencies under 150Hz to the subs is not going to lose too much "directional" audio.

    just an interesting observation 

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Rob, It's most likely because the distance from the wall has changed.  Even small changes can have an effect on the low frequency response of the speaker.

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    Rob Brooks

    That makes complete sense.

    they were originally at 45degrees to the wall and that was loading up the bass

    Thanks Chris 

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