Listening Modes

I'm a little overwhelmed by all the "listening mode" choices, especially for TV and movies.  When watching a regular old network TV show, like CSI-Miami, that claims to be broadcasting sound in 5.1 ("where available!"), what is the listening mode that will best decode these programs?

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Mike,

    If the content is truly 5.1 then your AVR will decode it automatically.  If it happens to be 2-ch content then you can use one of the 2-to-5 upmixing modes such as Dolby PLII to drive all 5 channels in your system.

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    Mike Berlak

    Thanks, Chris.  So I'd found "TV Direct" to be the best general purpose setting (to my ear) for most TV watching.  What you're saying is, if I just leave it on that setting, the receiver (Onkyo 609) will automatically switch to the best way to decode 5.1 programs if one comes on?

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    Rob Brooks

    That assumes that your TV or decoder is capable of outputting 5.1 to the AVR

    my TV does not output 5.1 through it's SPDIF  connection only downmixed 2.0.

    But my PVR/ Tuner does pass through the 5.1 signal

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