Preferred DSX Room Ratio, Size, and Seating Layout

Hi Chris. I was hoping you could help me out. I'm in the process of drawing up plans for my new house and I was hoping I could have some help if you have dealt with any of these issues by chance. I'd like to know if you prefer any single acoustic room ratio that would also help with the placement of all the speakers inlcuding wides and heights. Do you prefer having the longest walls on the display side and rear for more room for the wides or would you prefer having the longest walls on the sides. I'm open to both Single Row seating, Double Row seating, and either of these with a counter top with bar stools set up behind the seats. How large of a room would be optimum for this set up.  I already have 11 speakers that are very efficient (Studio Paradigms). I have 2 dipoles for the rear speakers and 2 direct radiating for the back rear speakers. I have also already discussed with you about the option of installing 2 additional dipole speakers and running them to the same channel as my other dipoles creating a 13 channel system. What speaker placements would be optimum for these two additional speakers and should I wire the room for additional dipole speakers for the future (Front, Sides, Rear)? Thank you very much for your help.

Logan Robertson

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Logan,

    The best configuration is to have the longest walls as side walls.  This places the Wides along the side walls, but the delay calibration performed by MultEQ will adjust for the distances.

    In general it's a bad idea to have reflective surfaces such as counter tops behind seats.

    It's not easy to answer "how large" the room should be.  I would recommend hiring an acoustician that can advise you on the proper room requirements.  The size of the room will determine the amount of absorption and diffusion required and also the size and number of subwoofers needed to produce reference levels.

    If you decide to add two rows of seating then I recommend adding the second set of surround dipoles to be in line with the second row.

    Best of luck with the plans!



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