Calibration asks me to change Phase

I'm trying to calibrate my Denon Avr 1913 with Logitech HDT Theater 1000 speakers. The calibration process keeps asking me to switch the phase of two of my speakers. However, I have traced it back to the speakers and the right cables are in the right place. Every now and then it says  it can't find a speaker, but I hear the speaker. Can anyone help?

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Omer,

    Phase warnings are just warnings.  If the wiring is correct on both ends (amp and speaker) then you can hit Skip and proceed.

    If the speaker can't be found then it's most likely a problem with the tweeter.  Make sure they are all working correctly.

    Also make sure you are not measuring too far off-axis. You should be following the pattern shown here.

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