onkyo receiver and wireless surrounds

I have heard in a few forums that I cannot use the audyssey auto setup on my Onkyo receiver when using wireless surrounds. Is this true? If true is there a workaround? I suppose I could run hard wires to the surrounds for the testing and then swap to the wireless.

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Paul,

    This is just another myth in the long list of wrong information on the internet.  You can use wireless speakers with no Audyssey problems.  Just keep in mind that wireless speakers add a large delay in the signal because of the wireless protocol.  So, Audyssey sees that and compensates it correctly to make the sound from these speakers arrive at the same time as the other speakers in the system.  

    Because most receivers report speaker distance instead of delay, many get confused when they see the reported distance as being much longer than the physical distance.  This is the correct "distance" (actually delay) and should not be changed.

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