audyssey results for 2 subs. worse than pre-eq ¿how solve?

I've one DENON 4311, 2 sub, and a very special room with a big and rude stationery wave.
I've too one equalizer behringer FBQ2496, for pre-equalize the subs before using auddysey's DENON, and kill the stationery wave before audyssey.
When I pre-eq my subs at this way, and execute auddysey, the waterfall resulting is worse than the pre-eq, and the S.wave appears again (AHHHHHHH!!!!!!)
I thinking that auddyssey changes phases os sub, "adulterating" the pre-eq signal.

Any way to solve this? Is very very apasionating and special case.
¿any way to send you any pictures or graphs with my results?

however, in the past the audyssey results were better than now, perhaps for the number of measures and the locations, but I don't remember.


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    Audyssey Labs

    I suspect that the problem comes from the way you are pre-equalizing with the FBQ.  If you do this with just one mic position then you are not really achieving very much.  You measure in one position before and after applying the FBQ and the results may look good on your measurement screen, but they don't correspond to what is really happening.

    This is the core of the Audyssey algorithm: you must measure at multiple spots and collect information for the filters.  Once you do that, you have to measure in multiple spots and average the results if you want to "check" what Audyssey really did.

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