Music sounds better when Dynamic Volume is ON

Hi Chris,

I have set up my 5.1 as below...
Selected LPF for LFE  at 120 hz in AVR
LPF of SW turned up to max
On running audyssey front speakers  detected large
Turned them to small and set them to 60 hz
Audyssey setting for movies perfect...
Audyssey setting for music 2.1 lacks mids
So after reading the threads change to audyssey Mult Eq set to flat Ref. level 10 db
Results are now slightly better than the Mult Eq audyssey setting..
But sound is still low on mids..
Turned on dynamic eq... sound gets better..
Now accidently switch on dynamic volume (which i would never do for music ) & set to light... The music sounds too too good... just perfect..., but  obviously has some effects of dynamic volume in the music
Now my query is ... how do I get better sounding music  on selecting dynamic volume ??? I understand that DV is only supposed to take care of sudden volume differences in material played.
I love the sound set  that audyessy has done for me at my sweet spot but hope to get the same w/o using dynamic volume...
Why is dynamic volume doing what dynamic eq should be doing ?
Any thoughts...

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Sandeep,

    Audyssey is an acoustical correction method that fixes the problems your speakers/room have. It doesn't know (or care...) what the incoming content is (movie or music).  Your L and R speakers will have the same acoustical room problems regardless of the content. These problems have to do with placement, room dimensions, nearby furniture etc.  

    Furthermore, Dynamic Volume does not adjust the frequency response and has no effect on the mids.  So, most likely you prefer to listen to music with some amount of dynamic range compression.  This is often the case for home listening where background noise can mask some of the softer content.

    Dynamic EQ should always be on because it makes frequency response adjustments to match human hearing differences at lower listening volumes.


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    Sandeep Motwani

    Agreed... Audyssey analyses acoustical room problems & sets up a reference for Dynamic EQ to perform correctly taking into consideration the information collected by Audyssey.

    One query still prevails... Why does Dynamic Volume increase the output volume of the material played when switched ON & vice versa ? Perhaps that's the reason / perception of the fidelity being enhanced by Dynamic Volume. What's the concept behind this sound variance ? Now here I am just not talking about Dynamic Volume taking care sudden volume differences but simply boosting the sound to a higher level when its in play ( like what a loudness switch used to do for us on an integrated amp)

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    Audyssey Labs

    Dynamic Volume will increase or decrease the level at any given moment depending on (1) where the volume control is set; (2) what is happening in the content.  If the content happens to be softer than expected for the particular preset (light, medium, heavy) then boost is possible.

    Dynamic Volume has nothing to do with Loudness.  That function is what Dynamic EQ is for.  As you turn the volume control down, Dynamic EQ will boost certain portions of the response to match the requirements of human hearing.  Unlike loudness controls of the past (that didn't work), it monitors the content to make the adjustments dynamically.

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